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It’s time to inject a bit of fun and frivolity into intimate apparel as we move away from the traditional smooth fabric surfaces that dominate, and embark on a more titillating experience! A tactile and textural direction features, ranging from a sophisticated expression through to a more amusing aspect. Ruffles and ripples, raised jacquards, erratic openwork effects and blistered surfaces feature alongside a more subtle offering of flat/fancy ribs, plisses and precise openwork and drop stitch details.

Innovative bi-colored yarns create optical 3D fabrics, left flat or manipulated further through pleating to create a more vivid appeal. What is key to this direction is that it can be interpreted by different markets. Fabrics can be taken to delightful new highs or worked in a more tactful way, with detail that makes a difference. Plain knits also feature but are embellished and printed with optical results. This direction is about pushing creativity from the textile mills to the intimate apparel designers. Complimenting and contrasting on textures, colors and through final garment design, UNRULY is a perfect platform for both natural and synthetic fibers, providing a fresh appeal to intimate apparel.


  • · creora® Color+ - dyeable spandex/elastane for intense tones
  • · creora® Power Fit - enhanced fit and performance
  • · creora® eco-soft - low heat settable spandex/elastane


  • · Modal - super soft
  • · Fine count cotton
  • · MIPAN® rexy for modern shine
  • · MIPAN® soft - smooth and sensual touch and cotton-like touch
  • · prizma® cationic dyed polyester
  • · cotna® cotton touch polyester


  • · Raised relief on jacquards
  • · Drop stitch constructions
  • · Erratic openwork structures
  • · Blistered surfaces and regular seersucker
  • · Delicate plisse in circular knits
  • · Bright tri-lobal nylon for warp knits that include power
  • · Bi and multicolored surfaces - from yarn, embroidery or prints
  • · Stretch power lace
  • · 3D relief through structure in all-over jacquards and lace
  • · Alternating compact/irregular ribs and stripes
  • · Elaborate sophistication through to kitsch elastic narrows
  • · Superset power mesh - left solid in tone or overprinted for added detail
  • · Layering techniques - work with openwork and solids in creating the next level of Unruly
  • · Wild embroidery designs
  • · Classic lace-inspired jacquardtronic with raised surface relief
  • · Laser cut detail on compact warp knits for layering effects
  • · Embossed surfaces through calendared finishing
  • · Super soft textured yarns for a brushed effect against the skin


  • · Young intimate apparel - bright, fresh and fun
  • · Women’s more decorative lingerie - subtle and sophisticated but with an element of surprise
  • · Men’s body wear - forget the whites and let’s get fancy