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Attention to detail promotes a new direction, as the knitwear sector in both circular and warp knits mimics the tradition of classic weaves, but with a twist. Following the direction of denim, where knitted denim is hard to differentiate from authentic woven denim, other aspects of the woven world will inspire a new generation of knits with creora® spandex/elastane. From classic tweeds to traditional twills, chevron structures to birds eye, the optical appearance will be clear to see whether it is from the construction of the fabrics through clever yarn use or simply from the advances in printing technology.

The appeal to the consumer is comfort combined with a more structured look from the appearance of the fabrics. A feel good factor features, as a more detailed fabric offering comes through. From matte to semi-bright surfaces, this visually textured detail will be taken up with both the men’s and womenswear market for smart casual through to athleisure. It is time to get optically technical inspired from the traditions of the woven sector.


  • · creora® Power Fit - high power spandex/elastane for excellent fit and recovery
  • · creora® Black - black spandex/ elastane for dark tones
  • · creora® Color+ - dyeable spandex/ elastane


  • · MIPAN® tri-lobal nylon for bright effects
  • ·

    MIPAN® rexy for new luminosity especially when teamed with creora® Color+ dyeable spandex/ elastane for sharp and bright tones

  • · prizma® polyester for vibrant tones
  • · cotna® cotton-touch polyester
  • · Lyocell and modal for fluid styles teamed with low heat settable creora® eco-soft


  • ·

    Both circular and warp knits take on the appearance of wovens following the denim knit trend where knits look like authentic woven

  • ·

    Compact structures in circular and warp knits are perfect for digital and sublimation prints that mimic class twill, tweeds and chevron structures

  • · Tartan and yarn dyed stripes
  • · Warp knits with high powered shaping for enhanced fit with creora® Power Fit
  • ·

    New knitting techniques mimic minutely the appearance of an equivalent woven but have the advantage of comfort through the stretch and recovery of creora® spandex/elastane

  • · Chevron structures
  • · Multi colored twills
  • · Nepp and slub effects are offered through 3D prints
  • · Deceptively woven looking but pure knits
  • · Compact surfaces are key to create the deception if following the print route
  • · Jacquardtronic and textronic constructions with power stretch for bottoms and jackets


  • ·

    New options for fashion ready-to-wear for the men’s and womenswear markets – traditional woven applications are replaced by knits

  • · Smart casual wear for the men’s and womenswear markets- tops, pants, jackets
  • · Sophisticated athleisure – a higher fashion delivery through design detail and trims