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Color collides as fabric surfaces rise as swimwear fabrics take an about turn in delivering a more true textural appeal in surface effects. Compact swimwear fabrics still feature, enhanced by 3D printing for an optical appeal. It is a mishmash off the good the bad and the ugly, in regenerating a new look for the beach. Swimwear fabrics are textured, stamped and embossed. Openwork aspects feature in irregular scale, while drop stitch and punch out on warp knits brings a new geometry.

For designers this is an exciting trend, bringing an array of contrasting fabrics to create innovative fabrics, which they will take further through a fun and refreshing style. Support from the inclusion of creora® highclo™ is key in delivering longevity, while creora® Color+ is perfect for enhancing the vibrant tones.


  • · creora® highclo™ - super chlorine resistant spandex/ elastane for longevity
  • · creora® Color+ - dyeable spandex for vibrant colors
  • · creora® Power Fit - spandex/ elastane for shaping


  • · MIPAN® tri-lobal nylon for brilliance
  • · MIPAN® rexy for new luminosity
  • · MIPAN® dull for matte appeal
  • · askin® quick dry, UV protection polyester
  • · Modal and cotton for coordinating beachwear


  • · Matte circular knits for a natural touch in solids or enhanced with sublimation prints
  • · Blistered and seersucker surfaces
  • · Laser cut warp knits fringe effects
  • · Raised relief jacquards ranging from hexagram to overlapping designs
  • · Stretch ribs
  • · Irregular optically illusive effects achieved through prints – bright/matte combinations
  • · Openwork structures over printed for dual effect
  • · Embossed textures
  • · Textronic warp knit jacquards and laser punch looks
  • · Laser cut loose designs on surfaces
  • · Super soft power mesh with creora® Power Fit for liners allowing the outer shell fluidity
  • ·

    Low heat settable creora® eco-soft is perfect to team with cellulosic for coordinating beachwear - a growth sector in swimwear, as women want the head-to-toe look

  • · Punch out effects and drop stitch jacquards
  • ·

    This direction isn’t about being smooth and streamlined it is about interesting surface effects or hyperrealistic 3D digital prints

  • · Additional texture is delivered in the garment form through ruffles, ruching and frills


  • ·

    A mischievous appeal for all sectors of the women’s market especially when delivered with coordinated beachwear

  • · Funky fashion for the younger end of the market
  • · Men’s swimwear should also be considered