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A look the innocence of the past as we hit the 1950s for a retro feel. As an era of the hourglass figure, shaping swimwear is key to this direction, with a strong sense of felinity and glamor. Color features but takes on a semi matte appeal through to a textured brush effect that takes on a more natural hand feel. The importance of creora® Power Fit is crucial in outer shells and liners in delivering the technology from the shapewear sector through to the swimwear sector.

While black still remains a bestseller in this sector, colors feature in solids and prints but take a muted tone.Texturized synthetics lend a dry touch through to smooth yet matte contrasting qualities. Geared towards the mature market on the shaping front, this direction can also be appealing to the younger end of the market that requires less compression. This season’s shaping swimwear is different: it is lighter and more comfortable, easier to wear but still delivering a streamlined look and boosting the consumer’s confidence


  • · creora® Power Fit - for high level shaping and chlorine resistance
  • · creora® Color+ - dyeable spandex/elastane for sharper tones
  • · creora® highclo™ - super chlorine resistant spandex/elastane for longevity


  • · Beach protection with MIPAN® aqua-X and askin® polyester that have UV protection and quick dry function
  • · Textured synthetic yarns for a grainy feel
  • · Dull synthetic yarns for a matte finish
  • · Modal and cotton with creora® for coordinating beachwear


  • · High compression power warp knits with clean cut, anti-curl function for high level sculpting
  • · High compression featherweight power knits for shaping liners
  • · Surface luster ranges from understated matte to a range of semi luster in smooth or sueded finishes
  • · Textures are compact and smooth, perfect for prints
  • · Fluid polyester/spandex circular knits for draping aspects
  • · Compact fabrics with a textured touch from the nylon yarn content
  • · Incorporate performance synthetics with UV protection for added value
  • · Retro touch fabrics with a natural, powdery touch
  • · Understated high powered outer shells – incorporate decorative hardware and laser cutting for detail
  • · Sueded and brushed knits on the technical side for a soft, grainy touch
  • · Contrasting matte/semi bright yarns in flat or textured jacquards
  • · Tone-on-tone printed stripes
  • · Retro fine abstract prints


  • · A timeless offering for women who want a little help in the shaping department
  • · A younger, fashion spirited look with lower levels of power
  • · Coordinating beachwear