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feel the beat  Direction File Download

Music and blazing colors inspire enhanced performance for higher impact activities. Look to new fabric constructions and targeted mesh and punch out details for a seamless-inspired performance. Hybridized structures feature as as garments eliminate seams through on-target. A strong fashion push features, as does creativity. It is time to push the activewear sector to a new level and feel the actual beat of the market with fabrics that react and respond efficiently with each stride.

On the color front there will be a combination of intense classic tones complimented by a new charge of tones. Fabric constructions also pull from the more pro-level arena in creating clean cut and heat bonded constructions and innovative compression applications. Increased technicity is key to this direction, lighter, stronger, faster through the use of multi functional ingredients. The concept is to accelerate the performance of the wearer but in turn inject a new beat of creativity on the design front.

activewear - feel the beat.


  • · creora® Color+ – dyeable spandex/elastane for the bold colors required in this direction
  • · creora® Fresh – high power odor neutralizing spandex/elastane for gym to life versatility
  • · creora® Black – black spandex/elastane for intense black tones and striped effects


  • · MIPAN® aqua-X high performance nylon for cooling, moisture management, UV protection
  • · MIPAN® aeroheat for lightweight thermal fabrics
  • · MIPAN® FIT – far infrared yarn for enhanced performance
  • · aerogear® high functioning FIR polyester
  • · freshgear® odor neutralizing polyester
  • · Reflective yarns for safety
  • · Aramid fibers for soft touch but hight tenacity and anti stress


  • · Compact surfaces with targeted high level power from creora® Black
  • · High performance circular knits for lightweight delivery
  • · Bi-stretch crucial for greater motion
  • · Consider bright tri-lobal nylon for intense shine and bright tones with creora® Color+
  • · True and mock mesh is soft against the skin
  • · Moisture management is key to this sector in warp and circular knits
  • · Micro mesh with varied power features
  • · Anatomical body mapping in the more sophisticated seamless sector
  • · Variable modulus applied within the knitting eliminates the need for inserts and additional seams
  • · Seamless technology inspires warp knits for variable textures from solid to open
  • · Cleat cut warp and circular knits for clean finish or heat bonded seams
  • · Knits range from micro fine to discreetly open for contrast in garment construction
  • · Spacer fabrics with surface detail
  • · Thermal regulating base layer with light to medium compression
  • · Multi functional fabrics with odor neutralization, fit and support from creora® Fresh spandex/elastane
  • · Cooling & UV protection for spring/summer delivery


  • · High impact gym wear
  • · Running - still a growth market
  • · Extreme workouts
  • · Base layers for winter sports