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A frisson of excitement enters into the denim sector with a new lust for brightness and lustrous finishes develops in a new reverse direction. From perfect high gleam all over shine though to printed PU coatings continuing, consider reversing the trend and break these bright products down through delustering effects and finishes. This heightened state moves from the previous demand for ultimate perfect bright surfaces, emerging in a much more intriguing manner.

Layering effects feature to achieve the matte/bright contrast, achieved originally through the fiber contents including lustrous mercerzied cotton and hybrid blends incorporating super-bright trilobals. A functional factor can also feature when incorporating synthetics, as performance such as cooling or warming can be added.

The denim bases in this direction rely on creora® spandex/elastane in delivering superior comfort stretch and super stretch for unisex applications. There is a synergetic approach to the previous season’s illuminated perfection and the desire for denim to be distressed.

denim - alto


  • · creora® Black – black spandex/elastane for intense dark tones
  • · creora® Power Fit – high power spandex/elastane for sensual shaping
  • · creora® Fit2 – for 4-way stretch & 360° flexibility


  • · BCI cotton
  • · Mercerized cotton with a natural sheen
  • · Lyocell for inherent natural-touch and subtle shimmer
  • · MIPAN® super bright tri-lobal yarns
  • ·

    Bright and luminous polyester - incorporate aerocool® and aerowarm® performance polyesters for added function in hybrid blends with cotton and creora® spandex/elastane

  • · Transparent and colored PU coatings


  • · Compact mono and bi stretch denim - super lightweight due to hybrid blends
  • · Coated denim – bring a new gleam to a new high and then break down
  • · Work with compact surfaces and build up in ultra iridescent effects
  • · Distressing the luster or building up on luster through different applications
  • · 2x1 denim construction – compact, soft and lightweight
  • · Sateen stretch denim – perfect surfaces with patina finish - leave to naturally gleam or deluster print for contrast
  • · Prints bring a 3D surface effect to perfect surfaces, further enhance with a coating
  • · Stretched PU printing moves with the stretch of the denim base
  • · Distressed aspects make a return
  • · Calandered and wax finishings
  • · Staining effects bright bases for contrast
  • · Lazer finishing
  • · Bright denim knits and bright/matte jacquard effects


  • · Non jeans wear applications – denim continues to cross into lifestyle
  • · Comfort stretch continues to increase in the mens market
  • · Fashion denim for the womenswear market
  • · Next generation shaping and sculpting denim fabric for all sectors of the women’s market