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The S-factor features for denim as sensational touch combined with sensation smoothing and shaping feature. The star of the direction is creora® Fit2 for 4 way stretch denim fabric with creora® eco-soft in warp and creora® in fill direction, for 360° flexible fit in perfectly constructed traditional twills through to super smooth sateen structures. In turn, a super soft touch is required, with a more rounded surface in super stretch and comfort stretch qualities.

Classic cotton/spandex/elastane blends feature alongside multi blends that deliver varying levels of power with the inclusion of syntethic and manmade yarns. Sponge-like in touch to seriously sensual and fluid with great drape and manipualtion, this new generation of denim perfection takes this staple product into a new league.

Bottom weights vary from 14 oz down to 10.5oz, with surface textures ranging from silky and velvettouch, to compact and milky. Denim in this direction is meant to embrace, smooth and sculpt at varying levels, dependent on the final application.

denim - smooth sensation


  • · creora® Fit2 – 4 way stretch denim fabric with creora® eco-soft in warp and creora® in fill direction
  • · creora® Power Fit – spandex/elastane with high performance stretch and recovery plus core stability
  • · creora® Black – spandex/elastane for dark and deep tones


  • · BCI cotton
  • · Pima cotton - long staple cotton for enhanced premium touch
  • · Merino wool, silk and cashmere in hybrid blends for fall delivery
  • · Tencel® and modal for enhanced touch
  • · Polyester/cotton/creora® super light denims with excellent stretch and recovery
  • · Dyed polyester for market tone, surface differentiation and subtle shimmer


  • · 360° stretch woven denim in compact surfaces and lightweight hands
  • · 4-way stretch denim in hybrid blends
  • · Super stretch denim with body
  • · Sponge-like structures - soft and malleable
  • · Small amounts of noble fibers, including cashmere and silk, feature in blends for a luxury level feel
  • · Microfine wool for a contemporaty winter approach
  • · Comfort stretch pristine virgin denim
  • · Calandered finishing and sateen constructions bring in a new patina to perfect surfaces
  • · Mimicry - woven denim with creora® Fit2 looks and feels like knits with enhanced comfort and stretch
  • ·

    Traditional lighter 2x1 weave features, but through hybrid blends 3x1 weaves get lighter coming in under 10.5 ounces

  • · Sateen super stretch denim with a lustrous appearance
  • · Micro chambray in cotton/lyocell/creora® spandex/elastane blends
  • · Dense weaves for perfect surfaces
  • · Classic deep indigo feature but also look to distressed finishing and new color ways
  • · Matte or bright compact chambray with smoothing from creora® Power fit
  • · Smooth, light and compact denim smooths and supports from comfort stretch to super stretch in creora® Fit2
  • · Clean and compact surfaces finishes
  • · Perfect surface stretch denim that enhances the fit and streamlines the wearer


  • · Comfort and super stretch fit and flare jeans for men and women
  • · Sculpting and high powered shaping jeans - smoothing the tummy and derriere
  • · Body zoning compression inserts for the shaping market
  • · Soft contouring jeans with higher flexibility