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Looking to the true authenticity of woven denim, SPIRIT mimics and reengineers the original look of authentic denim optically and through touch, with the invisible benefits that creora® spandex/elastane can bring in terms of fit and control. There is a dustbowl denim feel, touch is dry, textured or chalky through naive yarn structures that give irregular to the inclusion of alternative fiber companions including wool and linen.

Multi blends feature, but the emphasis of this direction is focused on sustainability, as eco friendly outlook comes through, perfect for the inclusion of creora® eco-soft, low heat settable spandex/elastane perfect for cellulosic blends. When incorporating synthetics for a hybrid blend consider recycled nylon and recycled polyester, even on the cotton front there is a need for recyclable sources including recycled denim yarns.

Flaws and irregularities are welcomed, adding to the unique tactility, raw appeal and optical surface effect that is desired. This isn’t perfect denim by any means, this is denim that is engineered to replicate the true origins with the added advantage of creora® spandex/elastane

denim - spirit


  • ·

    creora® eco-soft – low heat settable spandex/elastane works perfectly with the natural fiber content of this direction

  • · creora® Power Fit – high power spandex/elastane for power stretch
  • ·

    creora® highclo –creora highclo -super chlorine resistant spandex that withstands aggressive finishing to achieve the desire look


  • · BCI cotton
  • · Organic cotton
  • · Recycled cotton
  • · Recycled denim yarns - eliminate the need for dyeing - a subtle indigo yarn
  • · Wool, cashmere, linen and silk
  • · Tencel® for a super soft touch
  • ·

    regen™ recyled polyester for hybrid blends and lighterweight denim, tying in with the strong sustainability of this direction

  • · aerogear™ FIR polyester for added wellbeing
  • ·

    New generation spinning techniques - core spun creora® spandex/elastane for the ultimate in cotton touch with stretch


  • ·

    Reversing denim at the garment stage - focus more attention on the technical side in terms of filler yarns and use as the face

  • · Comfort stretch denim is key to this direction
  • · 2x1 authentic denim structures
  • · Slub denim
  • · Cross hatch denim
  • · Brushed face and technical side of denim for a blurry touch
  • · Lightweight woven 4-way stretch denim and knitted denim
  • · Wool and linen for slobber aspects in cotton/Lightweight woven 4-way stretch denim and knitted denim blends
  • · Eliminating dyeing processes by using recycled denim yarns - already blue in tone from recycled denim
  • · Switching to eco-friendly dyeing processes
  • · Say goodbye to uniformity in terms of tone and texture - this is raw denim with a twist
  • · Raw touch denim
  • · Denim look single jersey in microfine knits
  • · Dry, chalky coatings for added effect


  • · Classic authentic denim styles
  • · Women’s smoothing denim
  • · Lifestyle denim - new silhouettes
  • · New color ways with true denim ID for the younger end of the market
  • · Unisex appeal to comfort stretch denim in classic silhouettes
  • · Athleisure – especially knitted denim for men and women - optically authentic