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Sublimely sensual, GRACE leads the way in embracing the new lightness that is enveloping the intimate apparel sector. The experience of touch is taken to new levels of ecstasy as nano structured knits through to the perfect surfaces of clean cut warp knits lead to a new delivery. Silhouettes, production processes and the overall finished look is updated as quality ingredients deliver. This is tomorrow’s lingerie today, where the experience of touch is the key sense to stimulate the consumer.

From natural cotton-rich products through to the finest nylon micro filaments, this direction encourages a new sense of surreality and luxe as we develop the fabrics. The range of content ranges from a rich cotton feel to sumptuous synthetics with a silk-like touch with a romantic and graceful mode about it. Decorative elements come into play, from demure to seductive. The new range of MIPAN® microfibers is the perfect companion to creora® for this direction.

intimate - grace.


  • ·

    creora® Color+ –dyeable spandex/elastane for intense tones with MIPAN® performance nylon yarns - it’s time to update the color offering

  • · creora® eco-soft – low heat settable spandex/elastane perfect for cellulosics
  • · creora® Black – for grungy tones and intense black tones


  • · MIPAN® pastel™ nylon for a soft powdery touch
  • · MIPAN® airy™ for the upmost in barely there fabrics
  • ·

    MIPAN® opal™ for a bright radiant appearance
    silky® soft silk-like touch polyester with a luxurious luster

  • · Core spun cotton yarns - the natural touch with the performance from creora® on the inside


  • · Ultra light fine gauge circular knits with high density construction
  • · Clean cut high compression warp knits
  • · Micro light spacers - gracefully solid or subtle decorated through prints and jacquard construction
  • · Fabrics that offer a smooth molding in bra cups for an even finish
  • · Supreme modern lusters - it’s time to indulge - glamour is back
  • · Touch ranges from soft and powdery or paper touch to supremely silky
  • · Luster features, working the scale from pearlescent to iridescent
  • · Micro fine power mesh with a super soft touch
  • · Contrast dull and matte yarns in jacquards with creora® spandex/elastane for graceful surfaces with optical detail
  • · Gossamer style knits are inspired from the hosiery sector
  • · Synthetics mimic the feel of natural luxury from silk to alabaster
  • · Micro fine denier stretch lace - decorative appeal with flat surfaces
  • · Ornate elastic narrows
  • · High luster elastic narrows for bra straps
  • · All fabrics are lighter but don’t have to be transparent - work with opacity in the new technical generation of knits
  • · Sensational touch, compact surface stretch wovens


  • · Seamless intimate apparel - from basic through to decorative applications
  • · Essential day lingerie - minimal yet super stylish
  • · Demure and strong fashion offering on the lingerie front as a fresh and feminine direction features
  • · Sleepwear