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In a fast paced frenetic world, an energetic vibe of creativity and decoration appeals in inspiration as fabrics for intimate apparel just got exciting. Expect to see an explosion of raised surfaces, irregular structures and multiple applications on one fabric in order to express a new direction. From laser cut to drop stitch, the mood here is 'anything goes'. Deliberately clash and collide colors, trims and textiles in creating a modern day melee.

Prints continue to feature, but look to applying on irregular substrates from openwork jacquards to folded plisse effects that distort the relied when worn. Micro light single and double layered jacquards create rippled and blistered effects and super soft mesh is updated through openwork details, flocking, embroidery and printing.

The collision of creative resources also applies to color, look to shocking and intense tones coming through, working alongside traditional tones. It’s a mood of contrasting ideas, as opposites attract, colliding, but in the end uniting with an energetic vibe.

intimate - mix it up.


  • ·

    creora® Color+ – dyeable spandex/elastane essential for intense tones with MIPAN® performance nylon yarns - color is key in injecting some feel-good vibes

  • · creora® Power Fit – high powered spandex/elastane in fine denier for powerful lightweight fabrics
  • · creora® eco-soft low heat settable spandex/elastane, perfect for working with cellulosic


  • · MIPAN® opal™ for a bright radiant appearance inspired by opalescence and crystalline structures
  • · silky® soft silk-like touch polyester with a luxurious luster
  • · prizma® cationic dyed polyester
  • · The inherent luster of micro modal
  • · Iridescent and transparent tri-lobal yarns
  • · Micro fine silk, cashmere and pima cotton for a luxury


  • · Irregular and regular surfaces with heightened appeal
  • · Micro plisse effects
  • · Drop stitch constructions
  • · Organic inspiration to elevated jacquard surfaces
  • · Velvet aspects - rich and opulent
  • · Traditions are revived - Guipure lace is reworked or inspires structures with its rich textural construction
  • · Flocking soft touch power mesh
  • ·

    Flocking features on a variety of base layers from transparent through to gleaming opacity - building up the textural difference on the surface

  • · Stretch power lace - work those contrasting colors and yarns in exaggerated filler and relief for surface definition
  • · Tri-lobal yarns trigger a sense of frisson on irregular surfaces
  • · Time to get crazy on the print and embroidery front - take it urban and kitsch
  • · Classic lace and embroidery is reworked while new technology brings forward laser cut applications
  • · Embossed and calendared surfaces
  • · Optically play with yarns and lusters to mimic a 2D surface effect
  • · Air textured yarns for a brushed finish


  • · Fashion lingerie - from glistening and vibrant forms to highly decorated surfaces
  • · Seamless intimate apparel - unisex
  • · Men’s bodywear
  • · Loungewear
  • · Sleepwear