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Natural to touch, HONESTY highlights the importance of wool, cashmere, silk and cotton fibers in adding a deluxe feel when teamed with performance nylon and creora® spandex/elastane. Color comes into play in bold and rich tones, through to organically inspired melange effects for detail.

Only a small percentage of noble natural fibers is required, to take hybrid blends to a new premium level, through sensational touch. With the focus on solids, do consider taking this up a level through printed finishes in updating classics. Consider bringing in shaping technology for a smoothing effect, but this is discreet. What is key about this direction is the sensational touch, deluxe approach and the consumer-loving natural touch, working well for both the hosiery and socks market for men and women.

legwear - honesty.


  • · creora® Color+ – dyeable spandex/elastane for vibrant tones
  • · creora® Fresh - all day odor-neutralizing spandex/elastane
  • · creora® Soft Fit– low heat settable spandex to team with cellulosic fibers
  • · creora® Power Fit – high power spandex/elastane for perfect fit and contouring


  • · Cotton
  • · Wool
  • · Cashmere and silk in hybrid blends for a luxury level
  • · MIPAN® dull and bright nylon for opaque and high level sheen
  • · MIPAN® Pastel nylon for a soft powdery touch
  • · MIPAN® airy for barely there structures - team with noble natural fibers for a sensational finish


  • · Subtle styling of contrasting colored stripes and contrasting colored toe and heels for the men’s sock market
  • · Contrasting colored feel good messages and quotes
  • · Rich natural tones
  • · Core spun cashmere and pima cotton blends with nylon
  • · Reinforce toes and heels for longevity on fine denier tights
  • · Melange surfaces
  • · Knits for tights and socks are super fine
  • · The inclusion of bright tri lobal nylon takes these intense tones to a glamorous level
  • ·

    Cashmere/nylon/creora® for men’s and women’s socks at the luxury level - only a small amount of cashmere is needed ti take it to the next level

  • · 80 denier wool tights
  • · 8-20 denier vibrant solid toned hosiery for sheer and semi sheer color delivery
  • · Mossy touch opaque tights with soft to medium built in tummy control -
  • · Knee highs with soft compression tops eliminating red marks
  • · Jacquard relief is inspired by nature
  • · Plain or rib tights for added detail and a classic look
  • · Compact and opaque vibrant toned hosiery in 20-80 denier with a powdery and perfect touch plus color vibrancy


  • · Perfect day hosiery in vibrant tones
  • · Men’s business socks with an infections of color and patterns to update ubiquitous black
  • · Footless hosiery in high denier qualities for spring/summer delivery
  • ·

    Men’s and women’s socks – keep it subtle or work it bright - this is an important unisex direction to combined color with a luxe touch