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High density construction in the finest of gauge knits are enhanced through the inclusion of high performance function from creora® highclo™, for long lasting performance in the pool. Pro and semi pro competition pieces get lighter and lighter, a key aspect in providing an anti-drag experience when performing. Look to clean cutting and bonded seams, enhancing the growing technicity that appeals optically, offered in both performance swimsuits and fitness swimwear.

The increased push in sports swimwear continues, as brands pull the concept of gym-to swim-pieces that fit with the workouts on terra firm to the aqua sessions without changing. A triathlon feel features, injected with a sense of style through transfer placement and sublimation prints. The added functionality of pieces adapting to different environments appeals to the consumer, as swim-to-gym and stylish sporty look cross over to the street.

With the aim of performance lane swimming to enhance speed and glide through the water, lightweight fabrics with core stability are key in achieving this goal, coming through in almost second skin applications. For fitness swimwear there is more creativity in terms of color combinations, with the emphasis on fit and support, guaranteed by working with creora® highclo™.

swimwear - neo tech.


  • · creora® highclo™ – super chlorine resistant spandex/elastane for longevity
  • · creora® Color+ – dyeable spandex/elastane for strong colors
  • · creora® Power fit – high power spandex/elastane compression knits for core stability and chlorine resistance


  • · MIPAN® aqua-X – quick dry and multifunctional nylon including UV protection
  • · MIPAN® aqua-X – melange for high performance with striated colors
  • · askin® – quick dry polyester with UV protection
  • · Polypropylene for buoyancy, ultra light, super quick dry performance
  • · Finishes – from invisible hydrophobic to glistening lusters
  • · Chlorine resistant sewing threads and transfer prints
  • · Reflective and holographic transfers
  • · Rainbow and subtle turn down tone definitions feature in prints


  • · Featherweight circular knits with company surface structures invisible to the eye for competitive swimming
  • · High compression warp knits for core stability
  • ·

    Adapt sports bras fabrics to include creora® highclo™ super chlorine resistant spandex/elastane for a gym/pool combination

  • ·

    Look to the shaping sector for inspiration in body zoning compression - consider color blocking with contrasting levels of compression, combining fashion and function

  • ·

    Hybrid fabric structures with the compression deliberately zoned into the fabric through variable modulus ensures a seamless finish but with essential support

  • · Micro open and mock mesh features in soft hands for shaping liners swimwear
  • ·

    Classic nylon/creora® spandex/elastane tricot crosses over to the cover-ups sector with a strong signature sporty style that easily crosses over into athleisure

  • · PU taping for clean cut styling and additional zoning functions within swimsuits for visual detail
  • · Paper touch wovens feature alongside lightweight warp knits
  • · Punch out qualities feature for a mesh look


  • ·

    Pro and semi pro lane swimming - long activity in the pool makes creora® highclo™ an essential ingredient for longevity

  • ·

    Multi functional sports swimwear - gym-to-swim especially with sports bra structures offering the right fit and support for high impact aqua activities

  • ·

    Triathlete markets and the newly emerging swim run events, where you repeatedly do this and your equipment has to adapt quickly to the environment

  • ·

    Shaping elements feature for aqua fitness classes as core stability and good breast support is as essential in the pool as it is in the gym

  • · Sport-styled coverups with a street appeal