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A kaleidoscope of color features as we pay homage to musical icons of the past, as a revival in 1980s hits the creative spot and the rave culture returns. It isn’t just geared to those who were there, it is geared to millennials intrigued by past culture who weren’t even born, as experimental use of colors and textures feature.

A full on fashion trend, the appeal is wide ranging. Textures come to life, in contrast to the traditional bestselling plain fabrics, as an anything goes mood embraces. From fancy jacquards to seersucker, there is a rebellious spirt that excites surfaces into new directions. A party atmosphere and a celebratory mood combined with a strong sense of optimism, a hint of excitement and expectation that comes through in the combination of bold and vibrant colors through to innovative structures.

Fluoros return as does a high level synthetic appeal as gloss and high iridescence feature. It is supposed to look fake, faux and downright fun, pile it high for a funky aspect or streamline and apply conservatively to deliver a more sophisticated approach with the addition of shaping linings.

swimwear - rave.


  • · creora® Power Fit – for high level shaping and chlorine resistance
  • · creora® Color+ – dyeable spandex/elastane for sharper tones
  • · creora® highclo™ – super chlorine resistant spandex/elastane for longevity


  • · MIPAN® tri-lobal nylon for brilliance
  • · MIPAN® rexy for new luminosity
  • · MIPAN® dull for matte appeal
  • · askin® quick dry, UV protection polyester
  • · Stretch lacquered surfaces for added gloss in solid or transparent print aspects
  • · Modal and cotton for coordinating beachwear


  • · Explosive prints
  • · Circular and warp knits feature in compact structures to openwork details
  • · Rippled surface structures
  • · Twisted ribs
  • · Openwork jacquards and rascheltronic knits
  • · Drop stitch effects
  • · Plisse surfaces
  • · Cotton touch lace from trim
  • · Chevron jacquards
  • · Spacer fabrics for a neoprene look - color block, keep plain or laminate
  • · Seersucker looks
  • · Malleable handles for drape and rushing effects
  • · Warp knits with high power for shape and support - enhanced through 3D prints
  • · Team solid and textured fabrics together for a helter-skelter approach
  • · Color is key as vibrant tones feature, further enhanced by creora® Color+ dyeable spandex/elastane
  • · Color block for contrast with over the top trims
  • · Elastic narrows get very decorative


  • ·

    Fashion swimwear - work it high in clashing textures and tones for the young end of the market and take a more sophisticated approach for a wider audience

  • · Crossover effect from beach to street to clubbing
  • · Funky fashion lifestyle swimwear for the 16-25 age group
  • · Low, medium and high control shaping incorporated into swimsuits and bikinis - every little helps