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Denim reaches new levels of performance as a smart approach, especially in functional yarns, is pursued in creating smart denim. Sharing technology and ideas is key to driving business, no more so that through the GENIUS denim direction as we pull performance yarns and finishes from other sectors creating ‘next gen’ performance denim.

The appeal of performance denim is wide, with denim fashion brands, active living collections, and activewear brands wanting to develop denim collections, looking to deliver solid performance in the global appeal of denim. In turn, denim basics for every day denim need to take on board the value performance yarns can bring, especially working alongside creora spandex/elastane in delivering the fit and stretch required plus anti-odor function.

Stretch and flexibility is key, the growing interest in urban sports where the look of authentic denim fits well, is given a new level of protection through incorporating high tenacity yarns, ensuring comfortable denim apparel, in lighter weights that withstand the rigors of urban sports. The Millennial consumer targeted in this market is incredibly socially responsible and eco-conscious, with sustainable stories appealing as attractive selling points. They want the high levels of performance available under the guise of an authentic denim look, with comfort or super stretch achieved from creora® spandex/elastane yarns.

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  • · creora® Fit2 – 360 degree stretch
  • · creora® Power Fit – high level power and recovery plus chlorine resistance
  • · creora® Black – black spandex/elastane for deep black and gray tones


  • · regen® recycled polyester
  • · aerolight – quick dry polyester
  • ·

    Recycled Mipan® aqua-X – circular economy high performance nylon yarn that delivers cool touch and moisture management

  • ·

    MIPAN® robic-air – high tenacity hollow nylon yarn for tough denim applications – high durability and soft touch with anti tear and high resistance

  • · Recycled denim yarns – no need for dyeing as blue tones are achieved from the recycled process


  • · Authentic looking denim with comfort to super stretch and 360° stretch and flexibility
  • · High tenacity denim incorporating aramid fibers – super soft to touch and super durable and rip resistant
  • · Slub surface denim – authentic street look but packed full of performance
  • ·

    Bonded denim – bond denim with knits or contrasting woven to create double sided reversible concepts at garment design stage for jackets

  • · Knitted denim – mimicking the look of authentic woven denim but packed full of performance
  • ·

    Well-being and sustainability for everyday denim – recycled yarns, reduced water through textile process and further in a reduction of home launderings

  • · DWR stretch membranes for added protection from stains and rain
  • · Hybrid blends mimic authentic looking heavy denim in new lighter weights
  • · Warming denim/cooling denim – performance denim that can react to the body’s requirements
  • · Highly durable and robust denim for urban sports
  • · Soft touch, high performing denim for sports and active living including travel jeans wear applications
  • · Medium to high compression knitted denim
  • · Denim interlock for hooded tops
  • · Urban commuting – smart denim for work with high levels of performance
  • · High tenacity workwear denim – comfort stretch and soft to touch


  • · Urban sports and street denim
  • · Unisex active living denim – comfort, multi function and fit
  • ·

    Authentic premium denim for denim aficionados - wearing raw denim without washing to create unique markings within jeans no longer needs to be an uncomfortable process with antiodor yarn technology

  • ·

    Knitted denim for the sports yoga with varying levels of performance dependent on the level of activity - cooling, warming, moisture management, compression

  • · Smart denim for the office
  • · Workwear denim – high tenacity denim is key for longevity of the jeans