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The fabulous form fitting jeans wear in terms of shaping and sculpting with creora® Fit2, continues in strength as new denim silhouettes emerge, breaking away from the skinny silhouette. High rise and flared leg denim are expected to grow, smooth and formed over the stomach and thighs, as bell bottoms and flare shapes make an impact. Skinny jeans still feature as a staple, but fabrics in this direction push for new shapes. Straight legged and boot cut denim also make a return, with comfortable silhouettes.

LEGEND is taking stretch denim to higher levels, delivering jeans that look good and have body confidence appeal for the consumers. A new delivery in this sector is incorporating performance yarns that offer an energizing yarns through to high power spandex/elastane content delivered by creora® Black. Cotton continues as a proprietary fiber when blended with spandex/elastane in creating fit forming shapes, but this group is also embracing hybrid technology in creating highly innovative fabric constructions with an authentic look of perfect denim but with an overhaul on touch.

Touch is sensual, embracing with a strong sophisticated approach and engineered technique in both mono and bi stretch qualities. Surfaces range from classic indigo tones through to sun-aged and bleached effects, all achieved through sustainable finishing processes. An injection of intense colors also features. Denim structures are compact and smooth, authentically matte in appearance left raw or finished by laser technology to incorporating a natural patina finish for subtle shine.

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  • · creora® Fit2 – 4 way stretch denim fabric with creora eco-soft in the warp and creora in the weft
  • · creora® Power Fit – high power spandex/elastane for super stretch and shaping
  • · creora® Black – black spandex/elastane


  • · BCI Cotton
  • · Mercerized cotton
  • · Pima cotton for a luxurious hand
  • · Cashmere and silk for a noble approach at premium level
  • · Lyocell and modal in hybrid blends for added touch
  • · Polyester – chip dyed for deeper tone and undisturbed subtle shimmer
  • ·

    aerogear polyester MIPAN® fit nylon – FIR yarns for wellbeing and enhanced circulation incorporated into hybrid blends


  • · Bi-stretch denim in smooth and embracing qualities that enhance the body shape with creora® Fit2
  • · creora® luminous – eliminating spandex breakage at spinning process
  • · Subtle shimmer from the polyester content coming through
  • · Clean and compact denim structures in lighter weight qualities – 10 ounce denim with a 14 ounce look
  • · Play with deep toned filler yarns
  • · Add performance synthetic yarns for wellbeing and moisture management – perfect for body fitting stretch denim
  • · High compression denim for the premium shaping denim market
  • · Pin needle corduroy – perfectly formed
  • · Bi-stretch fabrics must have a level of control in creating perfect silhouettes
  • · Metallic prints
  • · Bio-based dyes
  • · Eco finishing – laser and ozone laundering
  • · Incorporate tone-on-tone print to update the shaping market
  • · Stretch sateens
  • · Waxy finishes


  • · New fit and flare silhouettes gives the skinny silhouette a break from the top slot
  • · Body mapped shaping through high powered fabrics – lifting the derriere and smoothing the stomach and thighs
  • · Reworking the legendary aspect of denim with spandex/elastane content through new sensual touch
  • · Men’s comfort stretch – developing further into new hybrid blends
  • · Everyday jeans – comfort fit