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A new generation of luminosity features and sheen lifts from denim surfaces. Structures are precise and compact allowing for the yarns and finishes to create the desired effect, as ethereal and mysterious luminosity appears to float on surfaces.

There is a surge of luminosity set to embrace denim, delivering products that stand out from the ubiquitous indigo and black denim tones at retail with new technical looking tones and coating. It is time for denim to shine, looking to classic stretch sateens and multi blends in delivering the look from the textile ingredients through to stretch translucent coatings that work on comfort and super stretch bases. For holiday delivery there will be an iridescent shimmer that features. The emphasis in this direction also highlights cleaner technologies within the textile chain from bio synthetic dyes through to laser finishing and new tech processes.

Core sun creora® spandex/elastane delivers a strong natural touch, a modern take on classic denim, with engineered prowess in creating fabrics that are embracing and smoothing in the silhouette. This direction calls on lighter weigh chambray structures, going very light for fluid appealer with a jeans-look signature. There is more to denim that jeans, and this is where non-jeans brands are looking to source new fabrications to incorporate into their collections.

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  • · creora® Fit2 – perfect for authentic denim brands and non-jeans wear applications
  • · creora® eco-soft – low heat settable spandex/elastane for lightweight woven chambray and knits
  • · creora® Black – black spandex/elastane for intense tone - dense denim where the filler yarn is dyed too


  • · BCI cotton
  • · Pima cotton for a luxe touch
  • · Dope dyed synthetics for hybrid blends adds a new level of intensity in terms of colors
  • · Lyocell and modal – perfect with creora® eco-soft
  • · Bright tri-lobal MIPAN®
  • · regen® recycled polyester for hybrid blends
  • · aerolight – quick drying polyester


  • · Denim gabardine structures
  • · Perfect structures in mono and bi stretch denim – smooth surfaces are key, micro tight
  • · Stretch sateens – veering degrees of luster from subtle to mirrored effects
  • ·

    Hybrid blends – cotton/synthetics/creora® - the bright synthetic in the filler create a subtle shimmer on very dark tones

  • · Hybrid blends of cotton/synthetics, lyocell and creora® eco-soft
  • · Smooth 3/1 compact stretch denim
  • · Hybrid blends leader to lighter weight qualities
  • · Deliver thermal aspects through performance polyesters to create lightweight performance
  • · Deconstruct luster – bring it high and deluster through irregular coatings and prints for a 3D effect
  • ·

    Comfort and super stretch denim take son a new dimension through perfect surface and nearly invisible structures

  • · Super soft touch perfectly contrasted denim and chambray with gentle stretch for non jeans wear apparel
  • · Transparent coatings lift the denseness of this direction
  • · Apply irregular printed coatings that catch the light
  • ·

    Super lightweight denim and chambray in parachute silk structures – inherently lustrous form the fiber ingredients

  • · Use dope dyed synthetic yarns for fuller


  • ·

    Women’s body contouring denim – focus on enhancing the silhouette in bi-stretch denim in cotton and hybrid blends

  • ·

    Men’s smart denim – comfort touch is key – finishing features but only enhancing the luster of the perfectly constructed and compact denim fabrics, not altering the structure or color

  • · Non jeans wear applications – women’s fashion
  • · Dresses and shirts with non jeans wear look