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Sensational touch comes to the forefront, delivering high levels of luster through to all-embracing matte applications. Compact and precise, there is a sense of opulence from the hand feel, as fabrics with different levels of power caress. Color is injected to create a new delivery for unrivaled appeal to the consumer.

Contrasting levels of lustre in create dazzling through to delustered appearance, all with a luxurious embrace, enhanced by varying levels of creora® spandex/elastane in delivering soft fit through to more powerful control. Ethereal knits are so fine, they can be pleated and ruched within intimate apparel, without disturbing the silhouette. Fabrics effortlessly glide and embrace the skin, with powdery touch to a cosmetic feel, pushing this direction to the next generation of featherweights for all applications.

There is an emotional connection, the suave and smooth fabrics attracting the consumer. Delicate basics through to engineered constructions appeal as does moldable qualities for a smooth finish in bra cups. This direction takes on a sense of luxury, as synthetic and cellulosic fibers provide exceptional fit and colors through creora® Color+ teamed with specialty nylon yarns and creora® eco-soft for modal and cotton applications. The importance of contrasting lustre and power within fabrics allows for brands to deliver exciting intimate apparel sets through strategically zoned applications.

intimate - majestic


  • · creora® eco-soft – low heat settable spandex
  • · creora® Black – back spandex for deep tones and eliminating grin through
  • · creora® Color+ – dyeable spandex that enhances the vibrancy of colors


  • · Micro modal – super soft cellulosic
  • · MIPAN® pastel – soft, powdery touch nylon
  • · MIPAN® airy – for ethereal featherweight knits
  • · MIPAN® opal – for enhanced radiance
  • · silky – luxurious touch polyester
  • · cotna – cotton-touch polyester
  • · Pima cotton – for high level natural luxury
  • · MIPAN® aqua-X – for cool touch against the skin


  • ·

    Bare creora® spandex/elastane knits for new lightweight seamless pieces – consider both creora® Color+ and creora eco-soft

  • · Tri-lobal nylon for a dazzling finish – team with creora black for galaxy-like effects
  • · Sensationally smooth and compact circular and warp knits
  • · Clean cut and moldable fabrics
  • · Incorporate bare creora® Black spandex/elastane for visual effects after dyeing
  • · Medium to high levels of power inject a shaping element into this fashion-led direction
  • · Micro modal with low heat settable creora ecosoft for energy savings and enhanced touch
  • · Knits are micro compact and precise
  • ·

    Air textured yarns deliver lightweight fabrics with a rounded finish for varying levels of iridescence and a velvet-like touch

  • ·

    Milky touch and soothing through to a new standard in sheen – contrast with matte perfect paper touch warp knits

  • ·

    Look to high fashion MIPAN® nylon yarns to deliver the varying appearance required here including MIPAN® airy and MIPAN® pastel

  • · Marble and moire finishes mimic the polished look
  • · Perfect spacer fabrics for molded bra cups – plain or jacquard applications
  • · High powered jacquards for incredible fit and decorative surface effect
  • · Calendared finishes including delustered appearance


  • · Essential basic intimate apparel – light, medium and high level control for all-day comfort
  • · Seamless intimate apparel – for men’s and womenswear market
  • · Men’s cut-and-sew bodywear
  • · Luxury level femininity for high fashion lingerie
  • · Sleepwear – take it from basics through to a new level of opulence