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The traditional shapewear market is saturated, reaching its peak with an abundance of sameness. Today’s consumer wants control, comfort and high level performance, but most important of all there has to be an injection of decorative aspects and color for brands to compete. Shape wear is taking its traditional technology teamed with today’s functional yarns and knitting techniques in creating a next generation offering.

Bestselling black remains key as does flesh tones coming through, a higher level of freshness in high compression fabrics utilizing anti-odor yarns is further enhanced with creora® Fresh, anti-odor spandex/elastane for 24/7 freshness. Comfort and high performance is key, as fabric structures deliver ventilation or compact fabrics through incorporating high performance yarns. The shaping sector is ready for a new direction for both classic applications and a stronger fashion styling.

Clean cut warp knit and anti-roll circular knits provide a smooth finish as VPL is eliminated. Shape wear is also reaching to new areas, not just designed to briefs, panties and thigh-slimming, butt-lifting shorts, but also through to a new level of engineered bras, with lift and support and enhanced comfort by eliminating the traditional underwire. The message here is to deliver the true function of enhancing the body’s assets but also not to neglect a stronger fashion appeal.

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  • · creora® Power Fit – high level power for compression knits
  • · creora® Fresh – anti-odor spandex to team with high function nylon and polyester yarns for 24/7 fresh appeal
  • · creora® Black – black spandex/elastane perfect for the elimination of going-through in bestselling black tones


  • · MIPAN® aqua-X – cool touch, moisture managing and anti-odor
  • · freshgear – anti-odor polyester
  • · aerocool – cooling polyester
  • · MIPAN® pastel for a soft powdery touch
  • · MIPAN® opal for opalescence and crystalline surfaces
  • · MIPAN® fit – Far Infrared yarn for an elevated sense of wellbeing, especially in high compression knits
  • · Cotton continues in hybrid blends for a natural direction


  • · Body mapping different levels of compression in traditional cut-and-sew through to seamless applications
  • ·

    Playing with contrasting lustres and power – delicate feather weight knits team with lightweight compact knits for contrast

  • · Clean cut warp and circular knits for heat bonded seams and taping finishes
  • · Bonded layering to create enhanced power in specific areas of a shape wear garment
  • · Excellent levels of moldability in compact circular and warp knits for a smooth and sensational fit to bras
  • · High powered featherweight – super compact and lightweight, as light as 50g/m2 – ethereal in touch
  • · Bare knit spandex for the shape wear market — perfect for body mapping compression in key zones
  • ·

    Moldable spacers – engineered to offer molded bra cups up to bigger sizes without losing the support they can deliver

  • · Decorative power stretch lace and optically illusive openwork jacquards
  • · Variable modulus jacquards
  • · Micro pointelle high compression knits for shaping and ventilation
  • · Zoned compression delivered in specific areas in warp knits
  • · Selvedge finish – eliminates the need for a finished hem – add silicone gripper to prevent riding up and curling


  • · Traditional shapewear gets reinvented
  • ·

    Fashion-led shaping function – key to the Millennial consumer who don’t want the traditional flesh tones and want a more stylish approach

  • ·

    Men’s shaping – a niche market-but one that is gaining ground as the consumer understands the benefits of highly engineered bodywear

  • ·

    Traditional fashion lingerie that pulls high level shaping fabrics to enhance creative collections in delivering superior shaping aspects for the consumer