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Fine denier
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creora®, the global leading spandex supplier, is always ready to support market and intend to meet market’s needs. creora® provides a variety of fine denier for the newest textile trend, such as lightweight but strong and soft touch with shine feature. creora® fine denier is ideal for soft sheer hosiery and featherweight fabrics.


  • Much lighter weights without diminishing high power
  • Maintain stretch and recovery even in featherweight fabrics
  • Applicable for every application

End Use

  • Intimate Apparel
  • Ready to Wear
  • Active Outdoor
  • Sheer hosiery

Range of products

Type 10 12 15
creora® Color+
creora® Black
creora® Power Fit
creora® eco-soft
creora® STEAMSET+
creora® Soft Fit